• Amy Clark

The Genesis of the Women's Wisdom Circle

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

For centuries communities of women have come together to help to support, sustain and restore one another, share information, educate themselves and enjoy each other's company during times of great joy and sorrow and simply for a cup of coffee.

We are the stalwart "fixers" of everything in the family. We know what to do to solve a problem and if the answer isn¹t at our fingertips, we know how to reach out amongst each other and find out!

Over the years I¹ve laughed, cried, strategized, planned, gossiped, been supported by all of you! Yes, of course I¹ve stood on my soap box trying to demystify and have you join the "greening of our families" bandwagon but you have also educated me in areas like non-western healing practices, the lovely journey of peri/menopause, parenting, communication, self expression, spirituality, de-stressing, living with cancer, healthy skincare, bullying, divorce, and the list goes on and on!

It is with this in mind I¹ve decided to to call upon all of you, the strongest, brightest and most creative women I know, to start what I¹d like to call a Women¹s Wisdom Circle. Together, we are an informal roundtable of diverse women - ages 40 to 80, from all walks of life, professions, backgrounds and perspecitves. This meeting of the minds, so to speak, is a safe haven for sharing, listening, learning, supporting, questioning and discussing topics of interest together during a time in our lives when the stressors can feel overwhelming!

My vision is to to meet monthly and share widsom on a variety of topics. This blog is a resource and record of those topics of discussion.

Much love, Amy


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