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On Sisterhood

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I had no idea what to expect and just went “open" to the experience of learning and hearing about the teachings of “mastering womanhood” ala Mama Gena. The weekend was profoundly powerful—800 women from all over the country, different ethnicities, economic backgrounds—you name it—we were a diverse group!

What was so not diverse was the pain and suffering amongst the group related to all things women. The challenges and the places women revealed as their ”stuck points"—were all really the same though the names were all changed——body image, judgment, perfection, visibility/invisibility, having a voice etc, etc.

What was so remarkable was that 800 strangers felt safe enough to share all of this with the intention of learning and growing within this community of sisterhood. The forum provided a safe space and offered women permission to be held up and supported no matter the revelation.

During the course of the weekend, Gena would ask the group to ‘brag” a bit about what they learned along the way and as each woman stood up to say something positive about themselves—whether it was simply "I left my family and committed to coming here for the weekend" to "I wrote a book"—everyone supported and cheered everybody on.

It was abundantly clear that women need Sisterhood, no, scratch that, we CRAVE it. It's in this cradle of support that women come into their power.

We’re POWERFUL beings.

When we feel safe enough to be ourselves, love ourselves and choose to focus on all the good and joys in our lives, the world is our oyster!

Now is the time, ladies to come together and create Sisterhood for yourselves in your lives!

If we can all come together, there will be no stopping us! I challenge you to start creating Circles of women in your communities and let me know about the results!

  • Create a Women’s Circle in your community

  • Create ways to stay connected with each other

  • Honor, listen and tap in to your desires

  • Follow-through on creating your best selves



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