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Spring Renewal Rituals

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Spring is a time for renewal. For those of us in sync with the rhythms of the earth, it's a time for inner growth. Spring is a great time to “clean up shop”, set new intentions and aspirations and find new ways of creating balance. It’s a time for us to leave our winter “caves”, get back to nature, out into the light and to reconnect with ourselves.

For some, this notion of renewal brings up issues relating to guilt, willpower and self-discipline. “Can I really get to the gym every week? Will I have the willpower to cut out gluten and dairy from my diet? Do I have time for that walk?”

The words “willpower, self-discipline and I should” can feel “heavy and negative” to some. For others, the notion of creating a new “disciplined regime” is just the right tonic for moving forward.

This spring, can you commit to reconnecting to your own inner voice and desires to create the “new” for a happy, healthy you?

The ladies in our Circle had much to recommend!

  • Getting out and walking, reconnecting with nature can be transformative and grounding. If you can be barefoot for some of it, even better, in order to really soak up the energy vibrations from the earth.

  • Open the windows in your home to let the fresh air in and the stale air out. Our homes are often more polluted than the outdoors!

  • Meditate and focus on your breath daily! Include visualizations about how you want to feel and see yourself and your loved ones.

  • Use affirmations-- find positive words of gratitude to repeat each morning upon waking and before bed such as “love, peace, grace, harmony,” to name a few.

  • Consider cleansing your body. Start your day with the Master Cleanse drink—warm water, lemon, honey and cayenne pepper.

  • Try a Juice Cleanse and detox program of your choice.

  • Make an effort to detox your liver with a short-term restrictive diet—no dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, eggs, beef, shellfish and oranges for example. Find a local program like The Blum Center for Health

  • Try drinking Milk Thistle tea or taking Milk Thistle in capsule form to help support and detox the liver.

  • Try Skin Brushing to help flush the toxins through the lymphatic system----YOUTUBE

  • Say “Yes” to more fun, engaging activities! Circulate with friends and in community!

  • Commit to a regular yoga practice.

  • Plant some new seeds! Get your hands dirty in the soil! Try planting sunflower seed sprouts ( they’re packed with protein and anti-oxidants) and using them daily on your salads or in your smoothies. Dr. Mercola

  • Rid processed food and sugar out of your diet! Both are related to a myriad of health issues!

  • Check your dental health regularly as your teeth directly relate to the health of your body

  • Take baths using Epsom salts—the magnesium in the salts soothes sore muscles and serves as a detox for the body. Add your favorite organic essential oil to the bath as well.

  • Give yourself a “Me” day-- a free pass to tend to all things for you!

As for cutting through the fears of sticking to and embracing new Spring plans, the Circle recommended:

  • Read “The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne Dyer to help you set and stick with your new plans.

  • Read “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown to help you to understand how to look your demons in the eye when they surface, so you can be with and acknowledge them in order to move through them and beyond.

  • Enjoy the journey itself as “it never gets done” according to “Abraham”.

  • Take steps to stop all self- judgment and substitute self-love.

  • Check in with yourself to ask if you need validation from others in order to feel good---consider if this is serving for you.

  • Read “When Things Fall Apart” by Pema Chodrun to help you get your bearings during the tough times.

  • Try to think better feeling thoughts when you find yourself starting to go down the rabbit hole.

  • Make changes when your head is in the right place!

  • If springtime is too demanding a time for change, aim for summertime when there are often fewer encumbrances and more relaxed down time!

We’d love to hear about your spring rituals. What works for you?

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