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On Filling Our Cups

Summer is a time when we tend to “let down”. We relax more, ignore our “to do” lists, fantasize about our desires, connect to our creative selves and just plain “let go”. For many of us, it's a time to plant seeds and create goals for the rest of the year. It’s as if the warmer weather signals that it’s okay for us to take the time to connect to our own needs.

Then just while we're getting used to basking in reconnecting, autumn arrives! With it, the jolt of re-entry into the real world! Our routines, responsibilities, all the doing and sacrificing for others hits us smack in the face! Self-care becomes a thing of the past! It’s as if a light switch has turned off disconnecting us from who we really are and how we want to show up in our lives each day.

This phenomenon begs the question, ”Is being a wife, mom, sister, friend, professional, mutually exclusive from being a productive, self -caring and fulfilled woman?”

I asked the ladies in our Circles just how they seek to fill their cups daily no matter the season—what tools do they use to self- nurture and show love to themselves, much like they do so easily and readily for others?

Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Start by identifying the lack of self-focus and care and speak your truth about your desires and who you want to be.

  • Stop all negative self –talk and start pointing out the positives.

  • Hire a life coach to bounce ideas off of and help you create the road back to yourself.

  • Focus on what it takes to feed your soul and not your ego.

  • Get out in nature, walk and work barefoot in the garden and invite others to share these bounties.

  • Meditate daily.

  • Use essential oils to support your emotions.

  • Journal daily.

  • Make time for fun each day.

  • Surround yourself with nurturing people and community.

  • Connect with feeling the physical stressors in your body and face those feelings.

  • Create stillness to reconnect to yourself, your creativity and desires.

  • Let go of the negative "stuff" in order to let the good "stuff" in.

  • Practice forgiveness.

  • Change your words and your story to effect change in your body on a cellular level

  • Visualize who you want to be when you “show up” and feel how that would feel to you.

  • Find the courage to look within to find and understand there’s something “higher” that wants to be born.

  • Practice gratitude-it’s almost impossible to feel sad in the presence of gratitude.

  • Stop to breathe on a regular basis during your day.

  • Remember love is all there is.

Recommended books, apps and activities include:

  1. The Universe Has Your Back, Transform Fear to Faith, by Gabrielle Bernstein

  2. Sabbath-Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in Our Busy Lives, by Wayne Muller

  3. Aroma Freedom Technique: Using Essential Oils to Transform Your Emotions and Realize Your Heart’s Desire, by Dr. Benjamin Perkins

  4. The 2-Hour Job Search: Using Technology to Get the Right Job Faster, by Steve Dalton

  5. The Desire Map, A Guide to Creating Goals With Soul, by Danielle La Porte

  6. Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams,

by Gala Darling

  1. Capoeira- Brazilian Martial Art combining dance, acrobatics and music

  2. Insight Timer app

  3. Unroll. Me app

Do you love yourself enough to fill your cup each day? What works for you?

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