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The Fierce 50 Campaign

Updated: Jan 10, 2020



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With the snow and cold that February has brought to the Northeast, we had to cancel our monthly Circles.

In an effort to keep the conversation going and to add more female voices with wisdom to share, I would like to introduce you to The Fierce 50 Campaign! It's a campaign bringing together 50 female bloggers over the age of 50 in a celebration of midlife on the 50th day of the year.

As women over 50, we are coming together in a supportive, collaborative community to honor and celebrate one another and to share with the world what it means to be a woman at midlife and beyond. In building authentic connections and relationships, we are forming a community of women who have within them over half a century of life experience and wisdom to share!

"The inspiration for the campaign is to highlight this powerful demographic and begin blurring the boundaries amongst the various age groups in the blogging world. A wide variety of female bloggers are included in the mix from fashion to music to health and fitness! There's something for everyone."

As part of the campaign each of us is linked with a fellow blogger and asked to introduce them to you and to share their stories.

It is my great pleasure and honor to introduce you to Carrie Carson and A Stylish Fit stylishfit Carrie is a Texas beauty both inside and out dedicated to helping and guiding women in their 50's to feel their very best--through "style, fitness, friends and faith!" We've got to embrace our 50's! This is not a time for a woman to give up! It's about feeling beautiful and we can reflect how we feel on the inside with how we look on the outside."

Carrie was a teacher for 10 years--a profession that provided her a creative outlet, educating kids on becoming their best selves. When she left teaching, she realized it was her time to shine and channel that creativity for herself. Her interests and passions were bubbling at the surface and she knew if she could harness them, she could most certainly help others to do the same. It was while she was exploring the internet, she found her inspiration. It became clear there were "mommy bloggers" in their 30's creating powerful change for each other as well as professional women in their 40's changing the landscape for working women online. There was a definite gap in the marketplace for women in midlife. "Midlife is not a time to give up! It's a time to revel in all that we have learned to be and can harness going forward. It's the best time for us to embrace our style, fitness, health and to be engaged in all that life has to offer." With that A Stylish Fit was born. Looking and feeling food in clothing was Carrie's starting point!

Carrie is thrilled to be part of The Fierce 50 Campaign! Joining this sisterhood fuels her passions and zest for life! "We share so much collective wisdom. Partnering with other like-minded women simply strengthens out incredible potential."

Like many of The Fierce 50, Carrie is a wife, mom, fitness buff, healthy eater, people lover, conversationalist, perpetual student, book enthusiast, movie goer and trend watcher. Most of all she's an empowered woman learning to walk in Grace!

When you're ready to feel as good on the outside as you do inside, visit Carrie on her blog, FB and Instagram

As always, please share your wisdom and join the conversation on the many topics we have already discussed and plan to tackle in the future!

If you have enjoyed reading this blog post and learning more about The Fierce 50 Campaign, please visit this page to see an archive where you will find each of the women that are participating in The Fierce 50 along with their blog posts. If you or someone you know is interested in either joining or supporting the movement, please contact for more information. We have lots more planned for this year and beyond so, stay tuned everyone!

Sponsors for the Campaign include: Onzie @onzie Madison Reed @madisonreedllb HSI Professional @hsiprofessional Awe Inspired @aweinspired_

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