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Introducing: Bridging the Gap Campaign

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

In an effort to broaden our Sisterhood and the wealth of knowledge women have at their fingertips, Womensharingwisdom is part of a social media campaign called Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution, boasting 100’s of women influencers in midlife from all over the world.

Today, the Campaign is launching another initiative called Bridging the Gap Campaign. It’s a campaign aimed at shifting the labels related to aging and demographics. 100 Midlife Influencers and 100 Millennial Influencers are uniting as one to connect women across multiple demographics with a mission to let go of perceptions around aging. There is so much to be gained by mentoring and sharing with each other to grow our Sisterhood.

With today’s launch, I’d like to introduce you to my new millennial partner --Karissa of

Karissa is a 31 year old recruiter by day and an LA based fashion blogger by night with a fierce passion for finding the best styles for those on a budget!

She calls herself an everyday girl inspired by all things “LA,” much like what NYC meant to TV icon and “it” girl Carrie from Sex and the City! It’s the joys of life that make Karissa tick and inspire her to find you the best bang for your buck. It’s also joy and gratitude driving her to start blogging about all things inspirational in the coming months.

It’s wonderful to relate with young women who are connecting the dots to understanding that when you’re in your passion/joy zone in any area of your life, those positive feelings seep into all that you do! Karissa says her connection to the word “joy” (her middle name) and its meaning has always been her guide and served to place her where she is in her life today.

Aside from blogging, Karissa has a passion for music, dance and travel, and is currently planning a trip to Cartagena, Colombia. When asked to name one of the greatest thrills of her life, Karissa shared that a lip and cheek stain she created at a previous job was featured in Oprah’s “O” magazine as an “Unexpected Fall Make-up Idea!”

Karissa remains dedicated to helping women find their best style on any budget, in a very expensive fashion world. As we all know, helping women in one area of their lives often leads us to extending our help into other areas. Karissa believes “feeling good on the outside won’t last for long without feeling good on the inside. Women need to feel their best across the board.”

It is with this in mind that Karissa intends to feature inspirational self care posts on her blog covering topics such as how to deal with anxiety and the importance of a grateful heart. I'm looking forward to hearing and sharing her words of wisdom!

There is so much “Millennials” and “Midlifers” can bring to the table for each other. Mixing youthful energy with unique insights and wisdom can be so powerful! There is much Karissa and I can share and learn from one another and inspire others who walk the same path! As women we must always connect to all the love and joy around us each day as the stresses of life continue to swirl around us!

To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all.” —Buddha

I’m excited to have Karissa's eyes and ears in the fashion world as a guide as her fingers are definitely on today’s style pulse! Please take the time to check out Karissa’s page, I also urge you to explore the wealth of knowledge from these wonderful "Midlifers" and Millennials in The Bridging the Gap Campaign

As you know, this blog is dedicated to providing a space and a resource for women of all ages and backgrounds to find answers, support, inspiration, start a dialogue and connect! As always, we’d love to have your input, suggestions, advice, so we can continue to grow and connect our Sisterhood! Please add your wisdom below!

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