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Forever Fierce Campaign 2018--What does it mean to be Fierce in Midlife?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

One year ago today Women Sharing Wisdom took part in a grassroots social media campaign called The Fierce 50. It was aimed at shifting the perception of women at midlife and beyond by broadening our sisterhood and the wealth of knowledge we women all have at our fingertips. Though the movement began with a blogging community, the message now extends far beyond bloggers boasting thousands of women influencers in midlife from all over the world! The campaign has been renamed Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution. Its mission continues to harness the collective wisdom of women of all ages, backgrounds and professions. Like Women Sharing Wisdom, creating powerful heart centered sisterhoods can only spread love, peace, support, harmony and joy in our world!

This 2018 Campaign asked Women Sharing Wisdom to provide a platform for others to answer the question:

"What does it mean to be Fierce in Midlife?"

Amy 57

Greenwich, CT


* Endeavoring to stay in the present moment and enjoy the journey

*Tapping into my heart and spirit daily

*Protecting those I love

*Practicing gratitude as often as I can

*Learning to Let Go

*Looking my demons straight in the eye

*Staying determined

*Showing vulnerability

*Choosing kindness and helping others

*Nurturing friendships and connections

*Choosing joy and laughter

*Learning the art of forgiveness

*Being true to myself

*Sharing wisdom through sisterhood

*Using and honoring my voice

Here are what other women had to say:

Kristi 50

New York, New York

As a young woman, I viewed the world as something I must accept. Today, I view the world as something I must change. I've co-founded an organization called Gender Fair that rates companies on their fairness to women based on the UN Women's Empowerment Principals. Our goal is to inform consumers which companies share their values. If all women understood that the shampoo or car they buy is made by a company that doesn't have equal pay, that doesn't offer family leave, that has no women in leadership and they instead purchased one from a company that genuinely pays, promotes and treats women fairly-the shift in the marketplace would be dynamic. Women's spending power is a fierce and ferocious force. Together, our money is more powerful than our voice. Together, we can create change---from every dollar we spend

Johanna 50

New York

Midlife means that we have finally reached a place where we can truly be our authentic selves. After years of living up to others' expectations, we can let go of the constraints that come with trying to prove something that we're not and start living the life we were meant to live.

Toby 60's

Norwalk, CT

When I think of the word Fierce, self-empowerment comes to mind. For me self-empowerment is taking control of our own life, setting goals, and making positive choices.

Basically we have to understand our strengths and weaknesses, and have belief in ourselves.

By the time we are in our forties, we are poised to reflect on our lives and accept our "true" selves. It’s time to shed insecurities and be proud of who we are as individuals, love our bodies, embrace our spirits, be kind to each other and give of ourselves.

Be “fierce” in your passion and grow in spiritual depth. Realize what really matters and is important in life.

It is sitting in front of you and lies in simplicity. Embrace it, love yourself and the gift of your


Louise 50's

Greenwich, CT

Simply put, I feel fierce every time my body allows me to be active... ski, hike, run! This feeds into my emotional health by making me feel happy to be alive and healthy! The body and mind work together and when they're in sync it's easy to feel strong and fierce!

Rose 58

Wall Township, NJ

Being firmly in midlife has stirred a fierce desire in me to focus less on the ephemeral concerns of my past and more on the value of the experiences of life. Finished with the heavy lifting to navigate the traditional Mom/Professional track, I'm now committed to inspiring others. Working with other Fierce and Fifty women we launched Grit and Soul, a blog focused on stories of women that have made bold changes in their lives. The women who tell their stories have changed the course of their lives and they now stand as inspiration to other women who are at a crossroads in their own lives. Having the freedom to be able to do this has instilled me with a passion I haven't felt in a long time.

Sandy 55

New York, New York

At this age, I feel smarter, braver, stronger. Even though I thought I was so smart, brave and strong in my twenties and thirties, I now know better.

My "bullshit meter" has gotten very sharp and I no longer suffer fools like I once did. I've learned to be more patient but I'm also less tolerant to those who deserve it.

Being fierce at midlife means taking all the mistakes, the lessons learned, the observations, adding some discipline and putting it to action. When I was just starting my career, I said I would retire when I was 50. Back then, I thought that was the time to pack it in. How wrong I was. I co-founded Womenkind at 45, and then Grit and Soul at 55. Looking forward to what I'll come up with at 65.

Joelle, 50's

Stamford, CT

For me, turning fifty was a really big deal. There was no cataclysmic event. There was no fanfare. There was a fear of running out of time. The undeniable realization that my life was at least half over pre-occupied my thoughts. I could never have predicted the direction the first fifty years of my life has taken. The moments of joy and breathless magic that surpassed my wildest dreams, the devastating grief that brought me to my knees, and overcoming what seemed insurmountable obstacles has given me fifty years of evidence of who I am, what moves me and what I can create. Being fierce at fifty for me is standing in the strength and power of fifty years of living, confident in my ability to draw incredible people and experiences into my life, certain of my resiliency, passionate about the things that matter to me - and that is a really big deal.

Tamra, 53

Stamford, CT


At 53, I feel more comfortable, confident, and thankful - with my voice, relationships, and career. New is navigating my way as an empty-nester and caregiver to my parents. New is reaching out to make more friends, not through parents of my children’s friends. New is trying to figure out what more, what next to live a fuller, meaningful life.

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