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Can You Create Space to Tap into Your Heart's Desires

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Consider this:

You're a mid-lifer. You are finally in a position to give yourself permission to disconnect from your regular routine and day to day responsibilities. Your finances are manageable. You have space and time for yourself to tap into your inner voice and guidance and listen to your heart's desires.

The question is---can you actually embrace the space?

Are you able to free your body and mind to be able to be in this "new space," without guilt or fear? Is it really possible for you to conjure up your dreams and desires and start creating your new reality? If your answer is absolutely yes, then how do you accomplish this? If it's no, and feels like a ridiculous proposition, what will it take for you to get there and what's standing in your way?

The ladies in our June Circles shared these thoughts for us to chew on:

* If we're lucky, we're taught from a young age that connecting with one's essence and the passions and desires that resonate for us, is the quickest path to our bliss. However for many of us, this is a new concept and comes to us at a time in our lives when changing things up can be challenging!

* Putting ourselves first for a change can seem like a real luxury!

* We must first learn to shed our "given roles" and those we identify with, so we can remind ourselves we are not what we do. Only then can we attempt to connect to our inner being.

*Quieting down the negative self-talk in our heads and focusing solely on what we think we SHOULD be doing can be hard habits to break.

* We need to learn to embrace the tools which enable us to get "quiet" and create the space to listen for and trust the answers our inner guidance can provide for us. Learn to connect to your breath. This is also how self-healing begins.

* Develop your own personal spiritual practice to aid in attaining "quiet" and space. This might include meditation, yoga, tai chi, dance as examples.

* If taking a breath and connecting feels too overwhelming, please don't be too hard on yourself. Passages, transitions and change can be very uncomfortable for many of us. We must respect and accept these feelings before we can be comfortable enough to inspire the "new." If sitting quietly is tough, try spending time alone in nature and notice the effects on your body.

* Try and remember that being able to generate space and inner peace in our lives may take effort but the rewards are immeasurable.

So if you had the time and space to dream and create, what would be on your bucket list for the second half of your lives? The ladies voted for:

* Connecting with old friends

* Traveling to new places

* Creating spontaneous adventures and exploration

* Living consciously and with intention

* Expanding our creative selves--painting in the South of France, doing pottery in India and South Korea as examples

* Living in a vibrant city and taking advantage of all it has to offer

* Eating out every night of the week

* Doing lots of cooking

* Growing our own food

* Attending women's groups and maintaining supportive sisterhoods

* Connecting with community

* Being around loved ones

* Making time for lots of laughter and dancing

How do you feel about making space for yourself and your desires? If you've been successful and have words of wisdom, can you please share below?

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