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Life's Stressors Redux?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The discussion around how to remain calm and centered amidst the swirling chaos in the world is a topic we've explored before in our Circles. This month the topic reared its head again as it continues to challenge many of us on a daily basis.

We reminded ourselves of some of our healing recommendations from past Circles including meditation and prayer; practicing kindness, gratitude and appreciation; choosing better feeling thoughts; making self care and family care a priority; giving our mind time to rest with quiet; and taking time in nature.

But instead of focusing on solutions this month, we explored the perceived causes of people's stresses and anxieties and then zeroed in on some important positive and uplifting realities.

First and foremost, fingers were pointed at social media and the 24 hour access to the news (whether fact or fiction), as the biggest cause for feeling barraged with negativity. Unless you very purposely stay away from watching tv or looking at your phone or computer, it's hard to catch a break.

The case was made that this begins a domino effect. The media frenzy triggers "helicopter" and overprotective parenting--a cycle that breeds stress and anxiety. The stressors translate to our kids which then causes unrest and suffering in the family and then down the line it goes.

It was also noted that this climate of high stress appears to push people to be more prone to complaining and fixating on the negatives vs the positives, leaving many with a feeling of being trapped with nowhere to turn. Additionally, as people get older and wiser to the trials and tribulations of life, it's easy to become more fearful, cynical, skeptical and negative. It can all feel like a vicious cycle of doom and gloom!

I'm happy to report, in spite of this chat, the ladies chose to focus upon the positive factors at work instead of the negatives. The overwhelming sentiment and beliefs were that the power for positive change lies in our choices, attitudes and focus.

Here are some of their thoughts:

*Historically human nature has not changed. There has always been evil, strife, hardship and disasters in the world and ways to have access to news about it if one so desired.

*Research has shown that the world is actually a better place than it used to be, (though it might depend upon how you define better). As examples, women now have much stronger voices in society, and there is far more open communication and exchanging of ideas on a global scale than ever before.

*Social media has been helpful in providing support through sharing and aiding people to feel connected and empowered by promoting communication and openness.

*Stress and stressors have always existed in the world in different forms-this is not a new phenomena

*For every negative story there is a positive one about human kindness and people trying to heal the woes and struggles the world faces--tap into that news

*We need to remind ourselves humans have been and will always be "resilient."

*We have freedom of choice about how we'd like to live our lives and whether or not we want to watch the news, be on our phones or be glued to social media

*Worrying about anything is a complete waste of time and arguably self serving unless one is trying to do something about the worrying situation

*Following our hearts is still the number one way to cope and stay grounded

*Practicing gratitude daily will only bring calm and expand our positive vibrational bandwidths

*We need to continue to focus upon and actively send love out into the world to help us individually and collectively

*Read the book The Choice: Embracing the Possible by Dr. Edith Eva Engle to help you gain perspective and find hope and comfort if life's stressors are getting you down.

Do these positive reminders help you when your'e feeling caught up in the stressors of the day? Can you get yourself to the positive side of thinking? What are your thoughts?

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