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Your Breakthrough Moments and the Biggest Challenges Women Face Today

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

This month we followed up on our November discussion inspired by National Geographic Magazine--Women A Century of Change. As in the magazine, we answered the questions posed about our own greatest strengths and the biggest obstacles we'd faced as women. This month we followed up with two other questions highlighted in the issue:

* What was your Breakthrough Moment

* What is the Most important Challenge That Women Face Today

Answering the first question prompted the ladies to define the meaning of the words "breakthrough moments" determining if the phrase referred to spontaneous aha moments or intentional ones, and asking if breakthroughs always lead to happy outcomes. It was decided to define "breakthrough moments" as personal enlightenments, a shift of perspective, or an opening of the self.

Some of the women featured in the magazine responded to the first question with:

* That I belong to myself--Activist Alicia Garza

* I found the courage and thirst for life (following a suicide attempt)--Nelida E Jean- Baptiste Pellot, member of the Women of Impact Community

* I've been pretty self-aware as to who I am---Emma Gonzalez, Co-Founder of March for Our Lives Movement

The members of our Circle created this list of answers about their breakthrough moments:

* Realizing my value professionally--finding my voice and knowing my ability to contribute in the work force is the same as that of a man.

* Confidence in myself and my ability to challenge myself with "first experiences" like traveling alone with a newborn. I can now push myself to face my fears, accept and move through them.

* Confirming a health diagnosis and realizing it doesn't define who I am.

* Confronting and conquering addiction.

* Marrying and having a child, as I felt incomplete without it and thought it might not be in the cards for me. It fulfilled such a strong desire and created such magnificent happiness. Can you imagine if there was no such thing as a biological clock?

*Healing my negative body image and realizing not being skinny doesn't make you a second class person.

* Trusting my inner faith and going against the religious beliefs of my family as they didn't resonate for me.

* Comprehending that changing my thoughts can change my life. Understanding I am not a victim and I actually have so much power.

* Grasping the concept that letting go of control, expectations, dreams and attachments is the fastest way to self-fulfillment and serving of my highest good.

* Understanding that self-awareness is most important for me to move forward and fulfill my desires. There may be things I cannot change in the moment, but there is so much I can change simply by looking inward and understanding who I am and who I want to be.

The discussion about the Biggest Challenges Facing Women today was a lively one! The responses from some of the featured women in the magazine included:

* There isn't a country on Earth where women have achieved true equality, and the barriers they face look different in different places. The first step is gathering data about women and their lives. Data is Power--Melinda Gates, Co-Founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

* All forms of Sexism--Emma Gonzalez, survivor of 2017 mass shooting in Florida

* To get men on our side--Christiane Amanpour, Chief International correspondent for CNN

* The umbrella of Patriarchy--Tarana Burke, Brooklyn based activist

The ladies added these answers:

* We must overcome our complicity with the traditional roles of women. We've got to own the parts we've played historically in defining our gender and free ourselves from the shackles of those beliefs. We must to step up and create the new!

* We have to continue to ask questions, stand up and speak out for ourselves. We cannot accept the values of men as gospel! It is imperative to trust our inner voices.

* It's essential for us to learn from the successes of the gay and LGBTQ communities on how to claim our power by calling in who we are and standing up with our voices! Seeing is Believing!

* Securing our right to Choose with regard to reproductive rights. Without freedom of choice, we cannot advance our causes!

*Accessing education for women globally should be at the top of the list. It is our human right to be educated!

* Tackling climate change begins in the family and must be a top priority. Women understand this and can move quickly to effect change.

* It is essential to band together in groups in order to reframe issues and galvanize support.

* Reframing the body image conversation to preempt young people from feeling less than their best selves.

There is so much more to be discussed on this subject but what's clear is that while women have come so far in claiming their equality and power in the world, there is still so much more change that needs to occur and work to be done. There are so many women in the world with no voices at all and only we, the women who can give voice, can move to transform this!

We must charge ourselves to find our own self awareness and power and to raise our voices high for the sake of the voiceless. We need to be the change and make the change now!

What do you think? Please join our conversation!

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