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  • Amy Clark

What Do You Do To Find Peace During This Pandemic? Is InspirationWithin Reach?

It's May and we're still in this bad dream called Covid-19. Our world continues to be topsy turvy without an end in site. As the pandemic rages on so do our emotions.

In our Circle this month we thought it would be very helpful to share with each other the ways in which we find moments of peace each day. At any given time we're all swept up in the the highs and lows and emotional chaos, but we do have tools in our arsenal to find peace and calm and reconnect with our inner selves.

Here are some suggestions from the ladies:

* I get out in nature. It's my church. Surrounding myself with the colors, smells, and sunshine,

helps me notice the wonders of how Mother nature abounds in all her glory in spite of what's going on in the outer world. Being in nature gives me a feeling of connection, strength and support and immediately calms my system.

* Gardening and getting my hands in the earth helps me to disconnect from negative thinking, fear and the outer world. I find my thoughts turn to simply thinking about the present moment when I'm working out in nature.

* I try to be authentic with my feelings--good or bad--and then let them go. That affords me a sense of freedom. I remind myself often that this state of the world is not permanent.

* I force myself to slow down and be still and quiet during the day so I can focus on my breath and quiet my monkey mind. Using deep, controlled Sama Vritti breath (counting in as you exhale to a certain number of breathes, holding for a second and then counting the same number of breathes as you exhale) always calms and resets my nervous system.

* I try and carve out time to have fun--whether it's dancing, playing games and connecting with my family--I've got to laugh and find joy each day!

* I use a gratitude practice to find my center and to calm. (As taught by Gabby Bernstein, motivational speaker, life coach and author--- For at least a minute I make a list of everything I'm grateful for in my head, and it takes me out of my stressful place. If fearful thoughts arise, I try and forgive them. "Forgiving the thoughts puts you into an energy of acceptance rather than resistance. When you forgive the fearful thought, you're acknowledging that your fear isn't your truth."

*. Reaching out to friends each day helps my world feel normal and warms my heart and soul.

* I find naming my stressors and fears in the moment, and then taking myself outside myself as an observer of them gives me the perspective I need to find peace and calm.

* Praying is my go-to tool for instant peace. I trust in a higher power and know my prayers are always answered.

After sharing these suggestions in our Circle, we talked about whether or not any of us have felt inspired to make changes or think about new projects during this time. For some, thinking about inspiration or setting goals just feels like too much at the moment. Others shared the following ideas:

* I"m looking at taking online classes in subjects that have always interested me but I felt I'd never had the time to indulge.

* I've finally committed to a daily yoga practice

* I'm inspired to take what I've learned about myself during this time and dedicate myself to becoming the new me!

* I'm working to take my personal Tai Chi practice and start teaching it to those interested in strengthening their bodies, improving their balance, learning about breath, meditation and the mind/body connection.

* I'm getting more active with charities near and dear to my heart and the future of the planet.

* I'm committing to taking more time for myself and thinking about what inspires me!

Can you share with us below your practices for finding peace during this pandemic? What have you found to work for you? Have you had any luck with being inspired? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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