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  • Amy Clark

What Guidance/WisdomWould You Give Your Younger Self?

During this pivotal time in our lives, I thought now more than ever would be a good time to ask "what words of wisdom would we have for our younger selves, if we could go back in time?"

Living under the looming threat of COVID and the massive upheaval and unrest on all fronts in the world, many of us are getting deeply acquainted with our demons and our emotional triggers. We've undergone self-reflections, exploration and transitions during the last 6 months, forcing us to dig deep in new ways through both the highs and the lows.

It seems a perfect time to tap into and share some of our new found epiphanies during this historic and, dare I say, apocalyptic time. The ladies in our September Circles had so much to impart!

What follows is a lengthy list of nuggets of wisdom. I urge you to read each and every one of them!

* Stop worrying! It's totally unproductive and un-serving. It weakens the soul and is a waste of energy and time. Understand that as soon as you let go of worry, often the thing you're worried about disappears!

* The only constant in life is change, Expect it, get used to it, learn to be flexible. We are resilient beings and can get through anything.

* Always keep your dreams and passions on the visual path in front of you. Trust your inner voice and guidance and drown out all the noise around you from others. There is no point in taking on other peoples' "stuff."

* Stay in the present moment. It's all we've got for sure. It's pointless to live in the past or stress about the future! Creating wonderful present moments will allow for so much opportunity! Plan less and experience more in the present.

* Make every effort to think positive and uplifting thoughts 24/7. Visualize and notice how those thoughts make you feel. Feel your way to your joy. Pay attention to how you feel!

* Keep things simple. Keep your eyes on what is most important in life--start by surrounding yourself with loving relationships.

* Remember you always have your own choices. It's your life.

* Always express and advocate for yourself. Your voice matters. You matter!

* Don't spend any time worrying about what others think about you and don't let anyone undermine who you are. That's time spent away from creating your best life and the truth is, most people spend their time thinking about themselves!

* Live without regret or judgement. Life is a series of choices we make in the moment based on our needs at the time. We can choose to move on or away from those choices when they no longer serve our highest good.

* Always, always find gratitude in your life-- there are so many wonderful experiences and relationships we can acknowledge, even in the tough timed, that bring fullness into our lives. Start and end each day making a mental list of what you're grateful for.

* Look for the positive aspects in everything. Avoid feeling negativity or resistance and if you do- change course immediately by thinking better feeling thoughts! Changing your thoughts can change your life and pave a smoother path to your desires.

* Don't procrastinate with your life. Act in the moment. Time flies!

* It's important to learn the art of surrendering. Learn to embrace letting go. It will free you to manifest your desires so much more quickly!

* Taking care of your health should be a number one priority. You've got to own the responsibility as no one else will.

* Be kind to yourself and others. There is no point not to be. We are all in the same boat.

* Find what balance means for you in your life and strive for it.

* When you give to others, remember not to give yourself away

* Let your children experience struggle, learn resilience and grit so they gain tools to successfully create their own lives in this ever-changing world.

* Focus on things you can control and don't spend any time on the things you cannot.

* Endeavor to meet the challenges life throws you with dignity and grace. How you react can define who you are.

* Build skills in many areas in your life. Invest in your tool kit. Don't expect life to be linear. Think expansively.

* Always search for inner joy and inner peace.

* Use perspective when looking at things around you and make every effort to learn different perspectives.

* Please take care of the earth. It's the source of everything in our world and needs to be better looked after and nurtured for the good of humankind!

Have you any additional pearls of wisdom to add? Please do so below so that others may benefit!

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