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What does it mean to be whole?

Amy Sophia Marashinsky in her book, “The Goddess Oracle,” writes:

“The only thing predictable in life is that we are going to be challenged. This is the way we grow and evolve. How we respond and what we do with these challenges is ours to create. Wholeness begins when we recognize this and flow with it."

“Wholeness is about re-membering ourselves. We cannot be whole when we’ve hidden aspects of ourselves in what Jung called our shadow. We cannot be whole when we find pieces of ourselves so unacceptable that we keep them in a canister labeled 'Do Not Open for 10,000 years.'"

“Wholeness begins when we can call all of our pieces home-the dark and light ”good” and “bad”, pleasant and unpleasant-and throw them a welcome home party."

“Wholeness is about stamina. It is the ability to be flexible in the face of life’s challenges. Wholeness is that space we have around us that gives us room to maneuver and find answers. Wholeness is a way of living that makes use of everything we are handed. It is a way of viewing life that is transformational and active, rather than static and passive."

Do you think about what it means for you to be whole? What does it look and feel like?

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