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  • Amy Clark

Setting Goals for the New Normal?

It has been 7 months since the madness of COVID 19 and the divided unrest in the world began. We're still swirling and tumbling around in what feels like divisive, unkind and scary times. Some would say it's almost as if a higher power is asking the world for a reset. I think we can agree we'd like all of this craziness to end.

That being said, we asked the ladies in our Circles this month if they had started to imagine how the "newer, calmer, happier world" would look for them individually and if they've started to pivot towards it? How have we changed or hope to change? Will things be different for us individually when we can resume being out and about without fear and connecting with our loved ones?

The ladies had this to say:

* Slowing down and understanding that having quiet and reflective time actually makes life richer than running around like a hamster on a wheel. Simplifying everything is a must

* Self-care and focus on my health and well being is now my number one priority

* I intend to define happiness on my own terms and not anyone else's

* I realize the need for me to use more of my creativity and imagination to strengthen my resilience. You can't be in a negative place if you're tapping into your own creativity

* I choose to turn to nature to find inspiration, healing and answers. The plants and the trees have been around a lot longer than we have. They have the long view and emulate strength, fragility and playfulness. Communicating with nature is where I'll turn

* I now understand my emotions are my teachers and it's important to look at my stressors and anxieties, and work with and through them for a deeper self-understanding

* I will make a habit of reaching for gratitude in times of despair. There are pockets of sunshine everywhere

* I now better appreciate what "balance' means for me and will strive to maintain it in my life

* I have a new awareness of the value of compassion, vulnerability, humanity and kindness- virtues that will be up front and center for me going forward

* I will work to monitor my thoughts 24/7 as I realize changing my thoughts can change my life for the better

* My goal is to feel like I'm in the flow of the present moment--"that's where all the juice is"

* Using visualization about what I'd like the "new world" to look like will be at the forefront of my mind

* I intend to remember to often ask myself "how do I want to feel and what do I want to see in my life"

* I will be mindful and put more intention behind the daily things I do. I want to actively appreciate the small things I often take for granted

* I will most definitely be more selfish about how I use my time

* I promise to make a habit of being more open to different perspectives

* My goal is to be much more community minded

* My relationships and personal connections will be my top focus

What are your thoughts? Is it too soon for you to think about this? If not, how do you plan to live differently? Please join the conversation below!

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