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  • Amy Clark

What Have We Learned About Ourselves in the Midst of COVD-19

There are no words to accurately describe what our hearts and minds are feeling and going

through during this COVD-19 pandemic. Trying to make sense of everything through a filter of fear and the unknown is beyond challenging for us all.

As I write this, it's April 7th. It's a few days shy of the alleged peak of the virus for NYC, with two more weeks to go for the state of Connecticut. This hits home, as CT is where many of the women in our Circle reside. Thanks to ZOOM and technological innovation, we were able to convene our monthly Circle and come together to support each other and share, in order to lift ourselves up during this transformative time.

Rather than spend the time discussing all of our hardships, anxieties and fears, we decided to answer the question--What have we learned about ourselves so far, in the midst of this pandemic?

Below is what the ladies had to say:

* I take such comfort in the fact that we are all going through this together and are not alone.

* This is the biggest heart opener for all of us on so many levels and for that I'm grateful.

* We all have tools in our personal arsenals, though they may be buried or dusty, they're becoming more accessible to us.

* I'm living more consciously than ever--it's like getting a shot of B12.

* This time feels like a dream that has connected me to myself.

* I'm going out and walking in nature now more than ever and it's deepening my spiritual connection.

* I have a strong desire to share the lessons, spiritual connections and tools I'm learning with others to help them with their journeys.

* I'm learning how to be me by getting out of my own way.

* I'm learning how to find inner peace and not rely upon others to find it.

* I'm understanding the meaning of "staying in the present moment" and what that entails.

* The anxieties created by all the uncertainties have forced me to take a hard look at my fears--to dig deep, uncover, and understand these feelings in order to move through them and out the other side of them.

* I see that I need so much less from a material standpoint than I ever believed.

* I look at everything and everyone in my life with such gratitude.

* I'm now able to take the time to learn about things of interest to me that have been sitting on the back burner.

* I can really focus on my own priorities.

* I've learned how to "be"without pressure to have to "do" things. I can now ask myself in the moment, "what feels good to me?"

* I'm reaching out and connecting more regularly with people in my life, albeit through technology.

* I'm having to think differently about everything I do and be aware of the thought patterns I'm setting up for myself.

* I'm learning about what it takes to trust in who I am.

* I'm expanding the ways I support my mind, body and spirit.

* I'm realizing that fear itself can be more dangerous to me than the actual virus.

* Using humor and laughter is really coming in handy.

* While infinitely grateful for my health and well being at this time, I'm acutely aware of my personal isolation from all the suffering in the world.

* Praying and sending prayers out into the universe has been extremely helpful and fulfilling.

* It still worries me that we have such a long way to go, both as a country and globally to put this

behind us.

* All the stillness makes me uncomfortable. I feel lazy, unproductive, and not valued. I realize I need to learn to find quiet and peace within myself to gain perspective, connection, and healing.

It is abundantly clear that this pandemic is recalibrating humankind in so many different ways. We all agreed that we have got to embrace this time to stop, listen, and be still. Healing happens when you allow the time for it, though it's so very hard to do for most of us. This seems to be what this virus is asking of us now. (See letter from the virus below)

Do these challenges echo your own? Are you finding the fear overwhelming and the stillness too loud? What have you learned about yourself that you can share with us? Please keep the conversation going below.

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